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19. Oct. 2023
"AROS One" v2.2 releasedNew version of ...
"AROS One" v2.2 released
New version of AROS x86 distro, with updates to InstallAROS, themes, icons, GUI, apps, and games.
14. Mar. 2018
"Tower 57" is out! Massive arcade shoot...
"Tower 57" is out!
Massive arcade shoot'em up dual player action game for AROS released. Also available for AmigaOS4, MorphOS, Windows, Mac. You can get this colorful, dieselpunk-style, fast-paced, 16-bit inspired top-down shooter for only 11.99 US Dollar (or more, if you like)!
Read more at: https://arosalive.blogspot.de/2018/03/gaming-tower-57-is-out.html
15. May 2017
AROS running on Vampire, and S-AGA going open-sour...
AROS running on Vampire, and S-AGA going open-source!
With the Vampire accelerator boards out and in mass production, and AROS gaining momentum on m68k, it has been announced that the Apollo/Vampire team will open-source their S-AGA enhanced Amiga-compatible chipset!

Yes, it looks like it's finally happening. A new Amiga. :-)

20. Apr. 2017
ShapeShifter (Apple Macintosh 68k emulator) source...
ShapeShifter (Apple Macintosh 68k emulator) source code has been released to AmiNet!
It's 100% assembler code, thus of limited relevance for AROS, but still a nice addition - big thanks to Christian Bauer for creating ShapeShifter, and releasing the sources!
22. Jun. 2016
AROS Survey 2016 Results - "Deadwood" pu...
AROS Survey 2016 Results - "Deadwood" published the results of his AROS survey on aros-exec.org: http://aros-exec.org/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?post_id=99750#forumpost99750
10. May 2016
AROS.org - April 2016 HighlightsKrzysztof Smiecho...
AROS.org - April 2016 Highlights
Krzysztof Smiechowicz posted latest highlights (April) from AROS development team at http://aros.sourceforge.net/
25. Jan. 2014
AROS alive - Part 4 is in the works.... (AROS vide...
AROS alive - Part 4 is in the works.... (AROS video)
19. Aug. 2012
New Developer Wanted for Zune Enhancement Project:...
New Developer Wanted for Zune Enhancement Project:

Krzysztof Smiechowicz has asked to longer be assigned to the Zune Enhancement bounty project. He kindly shared his work so far and had the following to say about his progress:

"The work is around 20% done. All improved code has been committed to both ABI V0 and ABI V1 branches.

02. Apr. 2012
IcarosDesktop 1.4 released, AspireOS 1.7 released,...
IcarosDesktop 1.4 released, AspireOS 1.7 released, Odyssey Web Browser 1.16 released
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public news feed from...
Aminet - i386-aros,generic
Sat, 09 Dec 2023 19:14:07 -0800
suwane_punkty.lha (dev/amos)
Displays 14 points to be moved by a mouse
09. Dec. 2023
dynamiczne_wielomiany.lha (dev/amos)
example of targetted polynomial
09. Dec. 2023
dynamiczne_kwadraty.lha (dev/amos)
example of least squares method
09. Dec. 2023
dynamic_bezier.lha (dev/amos)
example of bezier curves
09. Dec. 2023
dyn_kwadraty_4th_deg.lha (dev/amos)
example of least squares method
09. Dec. 2023
WhatIFF2.12.lha (mags/misc)
What IFF? #2.12-December-2023
09. Dec. 2023
GVPTBCPlusMultiPinOut.png (docs/hard)
GVP TBC Plus I/O Cable Pinout Diagram
07. Dec. 2023
EsseEmmeErreVisPre.lha (pix/theme)
New buttons for VisualPrefs
04. Dec. 2023
DarkTemple.lha (mods/8voic)
16bit 7ch Dark Ambient SW Theme
02. Dec. 2023
Image2PDF.lha (util/conv)
convert images to PDF and vice versa
30. Nov. 2023
F1GP2023Carset.lha (game/data)
2023 Carset for F1GP
29. Nov. 2023
ataruita.lha (mods/midi)
Urusei Yatsura GM italian song
28. Nov. 2023
f1champ.lha (docs/misc)
Statistics of Formula One 1950-2023
26. Nov. 2023
character-sets.lha (docs/hyper)
IANA Charset MIB (Amiga catalog codeset)
24. Nov. 2023
NightfallMID.lha (mods/midi)
MIDI GM Nightfall Piano Ballad by HKvalhe
19. Nov. 2023
HollywoodSP.lha (dev/hwood)
Hollywood 10.0 spanish catalogs(& more)
18. Nov. 2023
Nightfall.lha (mods/8voic)
16bit 7ch Piano Ballad by HKvalhe
16. Nov. 2023
NetStratego.lha (game/board)
Network Stratego game
15. Nov. 2023
ioblix_netcard.lha (docs/hard)
ioblix network card gerber files and BOM
10. Nov. 2023
InstallerLG.src.lha (util/sys)
Commodore Installer replacement
10. Nov. 2023
public news feed from archives.aros-exec.org:
Magazine by Eric Schwharz issues 6
09. Dec.. 2023
Magazine on AmigaGuide Format December 2023
09. Dec.. 2023
A Zune front end for Archivers
09. Dec.. 2023
Zoom Application
09. Dec.. 2023
A little and easy program to test your Internet
08. Dec.. 2023
Gui for XPDFTools Suite
06. Dec.. 2023
convert images file to PDF
04. Dec.. 2023
Test the fonts installed in your system
04. Dec.. 2023
Handle your pictures to use on your web pages
01. Dec.. 2023
Iff Icon Data Decoder snippets and PDF
30. Nov.. 2023